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Friday, March 2, 2012

Town Meetings, lessons

Lessons in Town meetings,
I was searching for answers why Monkton Chronicles seemed frustrated
taxes and criticisms about minutes
like wanting to see town minutes timely and more thoroughly and participate
as fully as i can.
if i do not feel comfortable getting all bully in someone's face or shouting Yeah
at the meeting, my meek nay getting a dirty look, sorry if i am so sensitive,
so if taxes go up-they will-because i could not attend town meeting because it makes me nauseated to see such an antiquated out of date,
intimidating for some process of yelling votes and dirty looks, the 85% of communication
nonverbal. how do i say this? to the world.

Here is a great link to a town meeting that made me laugh and realize I really am better off at home and did my absentee ballot.

oh yes, Happy 113th Birthday Mr. Kuethe. I still remember your rough weathered hands
your kind face and riding on your shoulders home up the hill to my parent's place.


  1. speaking of taxes going up, reminds me of what alex said about one of the fire districts he was involved in - he protested about the tax increases they were asking for. he said they didn't need them, they were asking for "paid staff positions" and getting rid of the volunteers. they ran a scare campaign (your homes will burn, baby...burn!) so you better vote for paid fire now they have two additional paid staff and no more volunteers and btw the volunteers and paid staff are required to take the same training... REQUIRED. anyway, their district is less protected now and response times greatly increased.

    so stupid. truly.

  2. Thanks for the votes of confidence and real life history lesson about town politics. How can one person change the world? and yet can we not try? We are here and it is the better path.Have a great weekend. Storm fizzled out. Ice tonight.


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