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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The 700th

The 700th post.
apple tree blossoms are in order...

In this blogosphere I have found friends and allies, challengers, and empathizers.
Musicians,artists & poets & those who fight the MonSter, star charts, auroras, nebula up real close,stars an incomprehensible distance from here thanks to Hubble, and Nasa and ISS, and all my friends who share their lives finding friendly waters here.
And yet each day I have to blog, record, my feelings, or the music I found or photos I have to show you. I remember a woman who had notebooks stacked halfway to the ceiling. Each contained stories, poems. Her lifetime in a stack of notebooks. This is my notebook, found more precious when google
went out on me for a day. Still, if it is lost, perhaps it remains in someone's memory and makes them smile. Start your own legacy of words. You may be surprised and happy later, as you gaze at your train of thoughts and images. best wishes, mary gerdt, monkton,vt   march 2012


  1. Must be years since last I saw apple trees. Thank you for the memories. Please have a good Thursday.

  2. Congrats on post 700. I'm very honored to be reading your notebook. Be well, my friend.


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