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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Travelogue for the Universe: I Had a Dream

Link to a post I did about Dr. Martin Luther King...

Travelogue for the Universe: I Had a Dream: I listened to Martin Luther King's speech again on since I knew he would have it on. Just as MLK talked about the mountaintops,...

afterword...part of my frustration with the local yokies trying to sell my property for taxes due ($10,000 will buy a $300,000 property), is that I saw what discrimination does even to us poor white peeps. They did the same to poor blacks after being given a plot of land, made free and said go for it. So although I am not black, I am a woman and have been subjected to the town's BS about tax sales. Like they said they told my husband they were auctioning my property. They did not have to tell me, a woman landowner. I have a dream too, that people, all people, can own a piece of this Earth and live there forevermore. mg

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