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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I Kept seeing Sean was a signpost,

or at least imagined he was.
We had him15 years,
1/2 the time I have lived in Vermont.

30 (ok +3) years ago I took anatomy& physiology for RN school.
It was the first biggest test of my metal.
My instructor handed me a dead formaldehyde preserved cat.
It actually looked a lot like Sean.

About 45 years ago in Illinois, my family had a cat who looked like Sean.
We named him Paca which is Swahili for black 
(according to the 26 language dictionary I had got at the 7th grade book fair)
Mom had a black cat statue which had Sean's posture.

So I see a pattern of black cats crossing my path about every 15 years,
maybe it has no meaning or relevance,
but if it does, for me they have all been good luck.

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  1. We miss Sean terribly. We know there is no choice, he had a good life, all that. We miss him, he was a Best Cat.


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