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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Play by play

Play by Play on the radio 620 wvmt
Susan Waldman & John Sterling,
Yankees vs. whoever....them.
Me a Cardinals real conflict, It is just that Fred started listening,
the games broadcasts play nearly every day.

I flashback to my earliest memories,
The asphalt playground.
Playing baseball, was there a game every day then?
Most days, in summer, there seemed to be one.

My memory of tennis shoes sticking to the tacky hot asphalt,
Being skipped for teams,
Flatfooted, could not run, Nor hit, catch or throw.
Loving every moment of the games,
no matter who played.

Would sit with my brother and Dad and hear their play by play,
Or Jack Buck on the radio.
Buying baseball cards for the gum
and hoping for a rare card.

Listening to my favorite radio play by play,
Susan, a knowledgeable woman who explains the layers, the subtleties.
John, classic p x p, love his consistency, stats, and love for the team.
They have a good steady banter,
drawing me back to the all American sport.

Feeling their excitement as they congratulate Susan's Star,
me typing this up,
sitting in Monkton,Vermont,
as the Fans file out of Yankee stadium,
I wanted to acknowledge these announcers,
who rekindled my childhood passion for
Play by play and

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  1. I tried to get Fred interested in baseball, he grew up without any exposure. It was Susan and John who drew him into the Great all American game. mg


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