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Friday, August 16, 2013

Haiku for Judy

Haiku for Judy

This is for a friend,
The Poetry that she writes,
Heals my scarred neurons.

Every word that
She writes to the big old world,
Wisdom and Beauty.

Pain and Suffering,
Part of the mixture of life,
From ash, art and hope.

To blog takes spirit,
Persistence, Artistic Wit,
energy, time, time.

Thanks Judy, Blogger,
Friend, Poet, Artist, Person
Haiku with a flair.

Fatigue sets in while
Writing this,  been a long day,
Haiku for Judy,
I'm Breaking the rules,
Your haikus each one,
is a precious small jewel,
This one's for you,
Best Wishes,
Keep Cool!


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