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Saturday, August 10, 2013



Rumbling Thunder,

The winds must have woke me up in the night,
Growing, Gusting, Pelting the house with rain,
Like the weather has done here for over a hundred years.

Part of me was secretly happy to hear the distant thunder.
Part was nearly terrified at the succession of sounds.
I pushed that part down, down.
Jumping out of bed to unplug the modem,
Returning to bed joined by Missy cat.
Trying to keep her from jumping on Fred and waking him.

Lighting and Thunder  gained in frequency and proximity.
Then engulfed in a swirling devil storm.
Chain lightning caused Missy to burrow in farther,
purring nervously, tentatively.

Then a Rumble, a deep, vibrating low and powerful,
Indescribably exotic, really like an earthquake
if I have to make a comparison.
If I don't have to make a comparison,
I have never heard such a sound,
and am glad it stopped.

We had just a few branches down.
Will be awhile before I forget that


  1. wow that was a scary rumble....hope there was no damage

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry about your father and the snake. Scary but I agree let the good ones live! The storm did not do much here.We have had so many storms this summer. Have a wonderful day! Mary


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