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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Late news..

Something woke me up...surfing twitter w/kindle,
play a game, check FB, email.
Then I saw the emergence of the deal to sell back property to a man who lost his family's legacy to a delinquent tax lien sale by the town.
It was a feel good rare kind of never happens fairy tale thing,
if it were not for things like lawyering, which I guess had to be a part of it.
So I looked for clever tweets to re-tweet thus saving my tired mind from being creative.
Found not a one worth retweet. all pretty snotty, snarky,empty.
newspapers make money on tax notices, gossip, shame and icky stuff,
It would be up to me to set the record straight...

I am proud of Governor Shumlin for giving this man back his property.
Not a political move, nothing really to gain.
It was cool. I am surprised. The lawyers need to find new work.
No long drawn out scandalous court case.
Now, time for Vermont Property Tax Reform...if not now, when...


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  1. OK, I have to comment. Still proud of the Governor. How hard of a job that must be. Now time for reform of the whole Vermont Property rights milieu. Taxes on property go to the town. Which town determines the rules and tolerance for being late, the appraised value being taxed, penalties, late fees, tax lien sales.Every year you must declare a homestead, file forms, and generally be pretty saavy. I used to think to own property meant I owned something. This state robs us of that feeling. Towns must relinquish the powers to take your property. Mary Gerdt, Monkton,Vermont


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