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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Psalm Challenge # 116

Psalm Challenge # 116

i joined the Psalm Challenge hosted by a friend in Greece who is from Germany. There were people entering from all over the world.
i enjoyed reading the German translations, Hebrew, all over interpretations. I started reading one psalm at a time and reading other's commentary. I am thankful to Robert et al for leading me to this exercise & I feel compelled to continue on.

first i am posting a video i did for mom, gone a year
and seemingly forever,
her spirit is all around me, every day.
I am grateful for her memory and all she did
to fight for me,
and every man, woman and child.
She was that Great.
she wanted me to study the bible, we talked bible, and other philosophical subjects
Psalm 116
Commentary from the public domain.
I got to this quote and it was enough.

Psalm 116 - Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible...

all credit to matthew henry...borrowed for educational purposes :) meg.

The psalmist declares his love to the Lord.

We have many reasons for loving the Lord, but are most affected by his loving-kindness when relieved out of deep distress. When a poor sinner is awakened to a sense of his state, and fears that he must soon sink under the just wrath of God, then he finds trouble and sorrow. But let all such call upon the Lord to deliver their souls, and they will find him gracious and true to his promise. Neither ignorance nor guilt will hinder their salvation, when they put their trust in the Lord. [mary's notes: sorry, with some crimes i have trouble not believing you might just rot in a cesspool of dead end being, forever burning, or suspended over a cliff by your pinky for eternity, not salvation,but that is just little old sometimes vindictive human me.meg]Let us all speak of God as we have found him; and have we ever found him otherwise than just and good? It is of his mercies that we are not consumed. Let those who labour and are heavy laden come to him, that they may find rest to their souls; and if at all drawn from their rest, let them haste to return, remembering how bountifully the Lord has dealt with them. We should deem ourselves bound to walk as in his presence. It is a great mercy to be kept from being swallowed up with over-much sorrow. It is a great mercy for God to hold us by the right hand, so that we are not overcome and overthrown by a temptation. But when we enter the heavenly rest, deliverance from sin and sorrow will be complete; we shall behold the glory of the Lord, and walk in his presence with delight we cannot now conceive. (Ps 116:10-19)


About this commentary:
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Bible is available in the Public Domain.

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