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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monkton Chronicles Archives

Monkton Chronicle Archives

Moving my running rant into a blog post. Tomorrow begins September 2013. Still get excited around school supplies even though I do not attend school anymore.

June/July/August 2013
by mary e gerdt or others as guests editorials
all rights reserved

August 2013
Monkton Chronicles
Monkton, Vermont.

Monkton Chronicles August 2, 2013
Beautiful Vermont weather. Daytime 70's, nighttime 50's. Raining a lot when it does. The garden is slowly catching up. Speaking of catch up, Fred made some tasty fermented ketchup, or castup, however you spell it. Very tasty. We are trying our hands at pickles again and the fermented cuke pickles are quite interesting. Working on toning down the salt. Recipes on the WWW help get it down.
I planned on somehow archiving my archives of the chronicles. Too tired tonight. Have a Great week in your spot in the Universe. meg

Archives: July 16th. July halfway over and we got the rest of the plants in the ground. Tomatoes, onions, tomatillos, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts. Pared way down from some years. Luckily we waited. Many planted twice and lost both times. Getting late for here. The days already start getting "shorter", less daylight. Oh Yes, I tweetered to Astronaut Luca and he responded which was so very cool for a space groupie like myself. He said a day is a day up there too...
Travelogue entry: July 4th week.We got away to Virginia for a nice road trip. Fred is a good driver and we paced ourselves, rested and kept cool. Unusually cool there which is still warm but quite pleasant. We stayed w/friends and visited family too.
Fred ordered a sockeye salmon fresh caught in Alaska and we had a dinner that rivals any restaurant. Never had such a perfect tasting fish.
We had fried chicken w/family on Independence day and drove by Gettysburg, PA on the 150th anniversary of the infamous Bloody battle.
On the way back we had tickets in Woodstock, NY to see Amy Helm and her of them Natalie Merchant, who I did not recognize as a person who I have 2 of her CD's in 10,000 maniacs. I am so bad with names. I loved her voice, piano playing. Many other fine musicians there like Byron Isaacs, Dan Littlefield & Family, Simi Stone, Another woman...incredible music! Conor Kennedy-who I heard about last week and posted one of his you tubes-he has a new album. Fred and I got there at 6:30 and had a nice mex-style meal @ the Tin Cantina. We wandered to Levon's pond toasted him, watched the fish make ripples in still water...and we felt that Catskill aura. Peaceful. Special. The word???
Perhaps that is the best word.
Eden's Spring,
A spring from which Great music will pour forth.
The concert to follow was Great, Fun, Rare.
Live music is, just once.
We are so grateful to have attended this second friday night concert @ the Barn 7.5.13 meg
Soggy beginning to July in Vermont. The natural greenery, plants, flowers all full and healthy. The garden way behind.
Storms have brought flooding to many areas of the north country. Some areas still feeling the pain from Irene.
Our road washed out and we gently raked the rocks hoping the deluge slows down.
For me, still twittering, trying to balance musical/medical/interesting people-places-things/cyberstuff/news/writing/political-all sides/photography...Then my creativity lurched. Twitter said I could not follow someone. "Who says?" I thought! All I could do was... Google it..."There, Take That!" I said...and since that day I have vowed to sacrifice as few birds as possible as I keep under my 2001 Twit limit. Now up to 2006.
6.28.13 Still fighting the pipeline.
Scroll down for older comments and guest posts. If you tire of this rant, you can try to block it out and enjoy the music or tape some construction paper on the right side of the monitor so you can ignore it. Or go back to Bieber's tweet site. I only am up to 2006 people I can follow. Then I see Ruth Buzzi. I cannot follow her! Somebody has to go. no fair. Bieber gets all the followers he wants.

Fighting the Gaz Pipeline,WT #$&%®£¥€!¡
So, the town of Monkton,Vermont sprang (or is it sprung,spanged? Crammed is more like it, shoved down the constituent throat like a bitter pill.
What did the SB decide to vote for now? I cannot tell you.
I heard heard a rumor the SB signed a deal w Canadian owned Gaz.
It is their deal. they have ignored constituents....wait....they ignored Certain, select constituents. So if your country is needing a model structure for democracy, you might want to avoid our town. Meeting less than 24 h notice and they decide what they want anyway....How can citizens change this...well first they must open their eyes and see. Then they must vote. Yes, so many US citizens do not vote. You will not hear that in the newspapers of the lands with paved roads, only here on my blog, also the first newspaper of Monkton,Vermont. We saved a tree by posting this online.meg
prior postings:
did the Addison Independent Really use the Nimby word? Like did they know how I think, feel, react? I also got a bit incensed when the 2 pro gas sb in Monkton go making pre-deals without authority.The same SB who will sell your property tax lien for being 6 months late paying. You have to hire a lawyer, disentangle it, explain to your bank, be shamed,pay 8% to tax collector (what did he do?) and you pay the town's lawyer, weird and late fees and what else, oh yes, the ad for the newspaper, which is why the newspaper likes it too.
Delinquent tax sales are unconstitutional. I wish I was a lawyer I would challenge. No one has because they like buying cheap property from poor working slobs like myself. They are sick and someone should stop this.
Locally, we fight the Gaz Pipeline with pennies and words.
Oh, I wish I could attend meetings and be everywhere fighting every bad situation. Alas, if I am even an instigator, illuminating change agent, then perhaps I have served my role in this battle against pipeline through our fair town of Montkon. Where we pay taxes to conserve land we cannot get to and can't sell rocks so why on Earth would anyone want to make our town a lowly transmission field. That already smells bad. Posting links as they come in as we live in a newspaperless town.
Please say No to the pipeline. Yoko Ono did, on you tube and she explained quite well why New York does not want it. Once I started researching, it is easy to find out why a lot of places do not want high pressures natural gas transmission lines in mountainous plus lakes/rivers in places like New York, and West Virginia. NY even funded a study showing All the reasons pipelines are Not the answer. Please vocalize your opposition at this critical junction. No the Gaz company does not have imminent domain nor do they have a right to be here and do what they want. No, the selectboard has not expressed the wishes of the town when they invite the Gaz people in. I have, however, given up on trying to convince the SB of anything. I am trying to explain to you, who may have partners, children, grandchildren, pets, animals, first responders and others you love who will be affected if this is allowed to go in. Once a right of way is established, the lines will grow, the pipeline will suffer leaks, someone will get hurt. Property values go down. Taxes go up even more with the burden on fire and safety personnel. All at the benefit of Middlebury College and the Paper Mill across the lake. Please say no to the pipeline, today and forever. My voice alone cannot make it stop.We Citizen Fracking Fighters have still been on an accelerated learning curve due
to the divisive, attacking nature of the Gaz company. It is time to stop, look
and listen to the citizens who understand the dangers, who have googled
mountainous high pressure gas lines and saw the explosions, the faux pax's of
humans moving too fast. I have studied the prices both cost with gas prices
expected to rise,and environmental with fracking-permanent damage to the
environment. Our town would be a transmission field for Middlebury. We say NO to
the Pipeline. Will you?

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