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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yes Vermont Yankee: Voices for Vermont Yankee: Our New E-Book Supporting the Plant

Yes Vermont Yankee: Voices for Vermont Yankee: Our New E-Book Supporting the Plant

From Meredith Angwin, my go to woman for Non emotional Nuclear Information.
Yes, there is another side to VT Yankee.

For my skeptical readers...
It may seem funny to you that I would oppose a gas pipeline and support VT Yankee.
I know it sounds or looks a little nimby...

Here are my points...

Gas pipeline-not here yet, they refuse to serve our town with gas, or the school, etc. They already used heavy hand towards neighbors, and hey, I need to check our swamp deed to see if they were supposed to notice us. That is how close it is. A mile. That is so close if it blows, I will see it. It could hurt people over there, so close.
It is to serve Middlebury, a wealthy college town, and a paper mill on the other side of the lake.
They could not burn tires since it poured mercury into the air, so, let's run them a natural gas line.
Monkton Scool will not even be able to tap in, I will not, no Monkton people will.
No map has come out yet. I had to pre-emptively complain because I do not know what is happening.
Does Lack of transparency sound familiar?
I need to raise awareness, this thing is being crammed down our throats and referred to as progressive by the Middlebury people...hey, Sure it is not running through their back yard to go somewhere else.
Hard to get anybody upset about a gas pipeline.
I felt bad the neighbors with their lone voices. No media support really.
Guess there are subtle differences in scenarios which give rise to us seeming to contradict ourselves.
I wrestle with that concept myself, being both pro environmental mixed with common sense science, evidence based reasoning, leading to a fair and ethical balanced conclusion.

I will leave the nuclear arguments to Meredith.
I had to determine my own values about the gas pipeline and fight it the only way I can, by words.

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