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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Picking the Rules & Dancing with Angels

I sat down in earnest to study the 96 Psalm so I can write a post in time to post tomorrow EU time.
That has become my framework, my own rule, or schedule, self expectation.
Then I drifted from email to FB to twitter which has become flocks of people voices chirping this, then that, sometimes echoing, retweeting.
Read some of Ann & the Angels which means the angels she channels. Stumbled onto Robin Miller, YT link above, whose music really kind of pulls down some of the cobwebs in your soul.
I cannot tell you how I can or why I can say that, maybe it is the idyllic Sedona setting,
the Sycamore trees, the messages..Dancing with angels like when you were an innocent child.
Could not resist just posting this and doing my research later.
Doing away with the human made rules when it come to Angels,
I think they really laugh at Human made rules...
Go buy some of Robin's music...Very Soothing!

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