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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review | Photos | Love for Levon | New Jersey on JamBase

Love for Levon

Virgil Caine,
Golden Eagle
Several years ago, We were gifted the co-adoption of Virgil Caine,
Golden Eagle who flies up and down the Eastern states.
She is a symbol of rugged power, like Levon Helm.
So right off, if you read no further, go to his website and buy
music, shirts, anything to help save his barn venue as he wished.
Just out:
The Love for Levon concert at Izod center.
2 cd's, 2 dvd's, many photos, interviews.
I saw the UPS tracks in the driveway, my birthday gift early.
Wanted to wait and held out for about 10 minutes
Then Fred opened the package and we started watching
this amazing concert..then I remember live tweeting during the concert
or was I mostly re-tweeting? Will have to look to find them.
Go on, buy the love for levon set through their website:
And found this link below to a great review article...

Review | Photos | Love for Levon | New Jersey on JamBase

If you are still with me,
my review?

Each musician a star
a shining bright star of energy,
together a constellation,
feeling a loss
so complete,
losing a mentor shaman
all around hardworking
good guy,
he left this world a better place,
the music, in this video, from the beginning,
tight, together, crisp, clear, heartfelt, matching songs to the people
who came to sing their tribute
one by one stepping up to the microphone,
biting their inner lip to keep from crying when they get to that part.
you know especially musicians have feelings,
it is a small price to pay for this amazingly performances, recorded, mixed,
produced, polished and most of all,
a directive from Levon: Keep it Goin'
Keep the Midnight Rambles in his barn going.
The most amazing concerts I have been to,
We now can experience the great photography, videography, musical talents
all in a tribute to a man who was clearly in the vicinity, and in the hearts of each of these
musicians and fans who adore that powerful force,
We have had all expectations exceeded by a country mile...
buy this music...#2  on amazon..make it #1...
go to

Happy Friday!

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