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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

# 4

Hello Ellen Tofferi,

I contacted Secretary if State Deb Markowitz about some issues I have related to a "tax sale" of my property.

She suggested you might know some answers to my questions related to property taxes.


My husband was supposed to pay the property taxes last year. He used a check from an account the bank closed after we refinanced due to my husband losing his job and general hard times.

When the check bounced, we were assessed 8 percent that day.

My husband, in good faith at the time felt we could pay it by the following November.

He errantly did not tell me any of this, but neither did anyone else.


After only 9 months arrears in taxes and no notice to me, a female co-owner wife citizen of Monkton, the town threatened to sell something we own for the taxes. I have yet to see the document the town lawyer drew up. He was an old attorney of ours and I feel he should have tried to find me or the tax collector or someone.


The property taxes are in my understanding, partially state mandated and there are many guidelines for municipalities to follow.


There is however apparently no recourse for me but to hire an attorney or go to the newspapers and tell the rest of the "minor" landowners to watch out for the tax man.


There are other properties in town as recently as 2007 that were 5 years in arrears.


I was never notified of my right to abatement, appeal, or to be appointed a guardian if I was babbling in the cellar.


Any light you could shed would be welcome,



Mary Gerdt


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