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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Town Meeting Day Blues

Town Meeting Day Blues

Went to bed last night,
Dreamt out of the blue,
People came together,
Not just a few.

Each stood up,
Said a word,
Then on to the next,
Til everyone was heard,
Not just the best.

Good and bad,
Big and small,
Every size imagined,
Every height,
No matter how tall.

The people said
How they felt of the taxes,
That took their life savings,
That threatened their species,
And all could listen,
Consider each story,
The hardships, the pains.

Instead I saw the faces,
terrified to speak,
or voting in a great chorus,
afraid to stand out.

Others spoke,
so smooth like silk,
Others trembling voices like mine,
at the door of Oz.

I am staying home today,
Voted absent,
Paper votes.
Leaving the verbal spar to those
with intact neuroimmune systems.
Mine is plum worn out.

my dream did not come true
and not all poetry rhymes....

adding a painting too
Big Red goes to Town meeting...


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  1. I am not a great fan of rhyming poetry. Though yours was not about a pleasant topic, it was a wonderfully written poem. It reminded me of the great classic poetry anthology by Edgar Lee Masters, Spoon River Anthology. If you own a Kindle, you can get it for next to nothing on Amazon.


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