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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Dreaming of Springtime in Vermont

if you do not like political stuff, enjoy the photo above and stop reading right now :-)


Will be the last in this series.
The beginning of my age of true disillusionment.
Can already hear some of you sighing, the politically adverse segment of the population
how i wish i could be there somedays.
These are my feelings about town government & powers they have.
My true life experience in 2009 of nearly losing my properties.
What did not work for me to regain some sense of dignity or righteousness.
The brochure online about rights of taxpayers really doesn't cover the half of it.
In truth, towns can be more powerful than banks.
This has happened before and it could happen to you.
This was a letter I sent the town when I found out what they did.

fyi afterword...i have never received any of this information. meg 3.25.13

Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 06:57:50 EST
Subject: To the selectboard

Pleases deliver To the Selectboard of the Town of Monkton,

From Mary E. Gerdt, 40 Cemetery Rd, Monkton (mailing address North Ferrisburg, VT).

I requested some information from David Rath, your attorney.

I have not received it.

I now request it from the Selectboard.

Please send me the following by US Mail

addressed to Mary E. Gerdt, 40 Cemetery Rd, No. Ferrisburg, VT 05473

I want to have all the documents the Town of Monkton has related to the tax sale of real estate property I own.

I want copies of the actual minutes where my property was described and this was discussed.

I want copies of the accounting of the Town Tax Collector, records of his phone calls, attempts to contact me or my husband.

I want copies of receipts of any mail sent to me or my husband.

I want you to tell me how many people are presently in arrears in taxes.

I want to know how you decided to choose us.

I want to know who had abatement of taxes.

I want a copy of what went into the newspaper which I never saw.

I do not feel comfortable at the town hall anymore.

My emails about minutes all summer apparently were in vain since when you finally decided to post them, all I saw was "tax sale". My suggestion to you is to be more open about this process to the actual owners. I wonder how many of my neighbors knew and I had no idea.

I am serious that I want all these documents. Do not ignore this request.

Mary Gerdt


  1. For the record, DR is a former attorney of ours. He has several boxes of files from our old cases in 1985 and he thinks he has no conflict. Go back to school young man.At first I wanted the files and then copies, in the end he can keep them, and pay for storage or throw them in the dumpster where he was going to throw me. This coincides with Raven ridge conservation project. Which is why they wanted my swamp lot. This is as sick as it gets. This is the US.

    1. I asked if he had the files...yes...give me the, will make you copies,,,no that is stupid. so you have the files, will not give them to me? Then you have a conflict...thoughts to self, if I do an ethics complaint, he will come after me again. he is the town attorney and nearly sold my property without even calling me on the f-ing phone. I had to let it go...until now. I have no where else to tell my story but the universe, wide expansive ever changing universe. And have to have faith it will all come out in the wash. mg


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