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Saturday, March 9, 2013

The View

The View
is in the news
and I close my eyes
hear the playground
you know The kind that pierces your heart and it skips a beat?

And the girls
There There There,
they're looking at me

And I want to be with
and I want to be true to myself
when a trickle goes down my leg
i lost my urine.

The girls giggle
just out of earshot

I take the scratchy brown towels
in the lavaratory
and try to clean myself before class
The smell still there.

The girls with their view.
Look at her. If they had invited me
would it have been on their terms?
today @ 54 years old i see they did me a favor,
made me find my own way.

So there is some irony in the story...
They never knew I was them.
Or that i hoped for them
the tolerance i fought so hard
to find.
After my anger and shame crested and receded,
my silence covered the wound like a scab.
Here i am today
the wash post picked the scab on my MS scars

(Really wish they would not pick on Ann Romney. She is just a girl like me with MS and a loving husband...oh yes, and a view) meg


  1. this is a nice thought, the wounds do heal, well with a scab...I agree about Ann Romney

  2. It just flowed out. Ann Romney should not be criticized for anything. Yesterday was the International day of Women. Look at all Ann has won behind her husband. He is very successful, they have 5 kids, 20 grandkids. Ann fights Ms with whatever she can but It is Not going away and scary as hell every morning. Girls you know what I mean. What is coming today? What new loss? Money cannot make MS better, trust me...He was a right governor of left leaning Mass, won the primaries and never once scummed out. That's enough, apparently, to sling rot at Ann. Not in my playbook. Thx kim;-) have a great day! m


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