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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Write your heart out.

Write your heart out folks, or read others write their hearts out. Start with my blogger friends on my profile. They are the best to me.
I found through a Guy Forsyth song, the name Jack Kerouac and was wondering who he was.
Googling I found this link:

Kind of eerie he died before blogging but here we are some of us, stream of consciousness, chronicling life, normal stuff, poems that don't rhyme well enough for some.
One way trip out there.
Gave me something to think about.
Made a marinated tomato salad. Pulled some of the early blight leaves off the tomatoes. Put in the garbage. The rest of vegetation is healthy.
Fred treated them with baking soda and water.
Hope the late blight stays away.
Follow up to perio surgery-doing OK. Plan phase 2 next month. For now back on more regular food.
Captain back to normal again.
Guy's song still playing in my head about Jack...
(from 2 CD live at Antone's-unreal)
"Children of Jack..."


  1. Yes one way trip out there. I think about that and know one day my son will read my blog, lol. I need to write more to him I think.

    Yes I do. =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I started thinking of my blog more as my personal story to whoever cares. I have black and white photos of relatives and no story. Like the ethical will idea only real time and then archived. Sometimes I read posts and remember where I was at when I wrote it. Also find those hidden meanings I missed the first time. Mary

  3. I corrected Jack's last name, sorry, man. Are we cool again? Groovy? Will anyone actually read this? Does it matter? I wish I could have met Jack. I would apologize for misspelling his name and then jump right into where did he come from? Where is he going? Where did the time go? Nice to meet you. Bye.Mary Gerdt, Monkton, Vermont


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