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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Election Day Vermont...Hey, it's August!

We heard on WDEV radio this morning while in this Tuesday morning fog, Election Day..mumble, snore...Oh yes, something about getting ballots to overseas troops and that's why the legislature changed voting from the traditional September primary.
Oh sure, you could get an absentee ballot like we did. It takes a few more steps in an already packed day.
It did keep me from having to actually go to the polling place and repeat my name for the umteenth time and catch a few visual darts. No thanks, I'll sit here in my kitchen and mark my ballots knowing there are a lot of people on vacation, or not registered, apathetic, unable to cope, too busy feeding their families and paying taxes, or cannot comprehend a primary held in high tourist/vacation/no school in session/crazy busy time. Oh yes, and we have not received our property tax bill yet...would that make a difference in who we vote for?
I am getting used to this remote voting and wonder when we will log on and participate, so that all people with access to a computer or library could join in the political scene.
Those left out in Vermont?
Crazy busy & vacationers & unorganized & apathetic & can't handle one more thing & cognitively impaired/routine people & those that don't get the newspaper anymore & those who cannot get channel 3 anymore & no one to watch the kids & can't take time off & can't afford the gas/time/energy & did I say, don't/can't care and the last but not least the ones who say forget it, I am moving out of state. I believe the troops would not want to be pegged with changing the primary. I believe they would conclude they could get their mail and return by Novemeber. When the turnout doesn't turn out like someone wants, I believe there will be a shift back to a more sensible September primary and instead of having the kids be a conflict/obstruction/issue with voting, let the kids see civics in action after school starts in September. Some days it is hard to keep up with the changes. What if we make it to 80? How will we keep up with election day?

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