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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Captain is home

The Captain is home
Thanks to the wonderful care at the hospital, all the well wishers and visitors.
He seemed ahead of schedule but he cleared the radioactive I-131 quicker than last time and it was a lower dose. He really looks better this time. More better I should say. He did do better after the first round but was still irritable, yowly, guts irritated, toenails grew thick and quickly. Now a total change. Calmer, a little normal yowly. Stronger. healthier looking.

In summary, we have been pleased with the process as difficult as it has been. Very few cats have to be treated a second time. 1 in 50 for our doctor so far. Most cats normalize their thyroid by the end of the first quarantine.
Many places do not charge for a repeat treatment but our place was more reasonable on the first round than most. In other words, if you pay more, it is because they guarantee and cover the second treatment.
The camera was addictive as the doctor said. This is a very humane treatment over surgery which can lead to other problems,or the toxic drugs and repeated labs that slowly shut down organ function and cause distress.

As we observed him and worried he would be continually frightened, I have to remind myself of what captivity does to a person or other animal. I would watch him sleep or stretch or groom. He would eat, the tech would give him a little pet on the head. He was calmer this time. Maybe saying, oh well, make the best of a bad situation. We did e-mail the hospital asking for more food. Captain is a big eater and gets nervous with an empty plate. They were very nice about keeping him comfortable. So I would recommend this to anyone who needs to treat their hyperthyroid cat. Better check around the house for some stuff to sell first...we do love that cat.


Captain in captivity.

Surprising he is so docile

Institutionalized we call it.

Take away one’s control and will.

Would we all be so graceful in our cell

Unable to interact/radioactive.

It was reassuring to see him sleeping or napping,
Carrying on without me. Still he was thrilled to be home
and scolded me all the way home for taking him to that horrible place.
I gave him every treat, petted him, talked to him and
watched him bat the other cats.
Captain is home.


  1. Glad the captain is doing so much better. What we won't do for the unconditional love of our pets. Our dogs are our babies. Glad to hear your baby is doing better!

  2. Thanks Lanette for stopping by and for your great comments. Animals our our constant guardians. Mary

  3. Glad you have your captain back.

  4. Thanks Judy for stopping by. He is a great cat. Mary

  5. So glad he's home. =) We love our pets, it seems like they know how we feel.

  6. Thanks everybody for stopping by and supporting the Captain.


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