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Saturday, August 21, 2010

What to wear...

I was wondering what to wear to our friend's annual pig roast today. Cranked up Levon Helm's Tennessee Jed. Fred walked in with a package. It was my Levon Helm Street Team T-shirt. Fashion mystery solved.
I really cannot tell you how a simple shirt can mean so very much. Plus me placing third shows my readers appreciate Levon enough to check out his rigorous show schedule. That encourages me because Levon and his band and support staff are great. Fred found a link to CNN story about Levon and Company

Levon Helm CNN interview

You will see some of the ramble like we have in Levon's barn.
Wore my shirt to the pig roast. Was a beautiful day.
Listened to Dirt Farmer on the way home.

Mary Gerdt, Levon Street Team


  1. Thanks for bringing that wonderful video and article to my attention.

  2. Thanks Judy for stopping by. Levon is one amazing guy.Mary

  3. Hi Mary,
    Levon is a lovely man.
    ps love to see you in your shirt

  4. Thanks for stopping by Herrad. Working on the picture.Love, Mary

  5. Oh yes, the 'what to wear' question plagues me every now and then. I mean...every day. LOL.

  6. I am really not a fashion queen-just looking for the clean, acceptable and unstained...thanks for the comments and the laugh, I needed that today in my boring work clothes. mary

  7. I am no fashion queen but right now I'm very indecisive. A PITA when you are used to being decisive.


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