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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Swallows in Monkton are heading south

The swallows are heading south this week like they always do, their internal
clocks and schedule, instinct is always right on. They also feel as we do the strong Atlantic ocean breezes, some of which may help decide how they proceed on their way south. Here is a (slightly rough but fun anyway) video of swallows on the power line out back. There are the parents, first 2010 babies and second brood 2010. They are stout and healthy this year. Nice to see since they did poorly last year. We bid them well on their journey south in between hurricanes and Nor'easters. Rainy darker weather to come. They will be back next spring in time for the first black fly hatch. We have only seen a few bats as opposed to the many many we used to see. Mosquitos thicker and more prevalent. That is partly my explanation for the improved health of the swallows and their broods. Mary

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