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Friday, August 20, 2010


Dedicated to fellow co-workers, the government employees who suffer working in the system we must have and yet always is a complicated quagmire of opposing political directives incrementally f*ing things up to the point of exhaustion on our part, the bureaucratic gnats who juggle, throw and dodge regulations to the best of their human abilities.


Give me more paper please,

Give me more ink,

Print some more paper

Cure my bureaucratic dis-ease.
My well has run dry,

Criteria recalled,

Print protocols,



My life is printer to mailbox,

Phone message to e-mail,

Paper or plastic

None of this rhymes.

I wonder just how,

We can juggle it all,

Then who will pay,
Where will it fall.

For now I am a bureaucrat,

Legislated to be here,

A paper pushing gnat

For another fiscal year.

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