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Monday, August 11, 2014

YT link to Stagger Lee

So we knew there was a message
or rather, messages
from Levon,
in his volume 3 midnight rambles.
the songs all done by people who supported him
through his darkest days,
throat cancer a physical and mental blow,
enduring treatment, recovery, stresses,
facing losses so dear.

My favorite song on Levon's volume 3 album is Stagger Lee,
sung by Little Sammy Davis.
We got volume 1 and 2 and Little Sammy sang a lot when Levon was ordered not to sing.
Little Sammy is incredible.

I started to realize the songs were songs that would have been for more mature audiences,
like his midnight ramble memories.
Country fair, music show.
The kids and women left after the clean act.
Then things got more interesting.

So started researching Stagger Lee.
I had posted Hugh Laurie's stellar version awhile ago.

Lloyd Price wrote and recorded the first version
which became a #1 hit
and was censored, 
the artist forced to changed versions.
the censored version
boldly played where people dared...

Lloyd's bio here, on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame site:
What a guy!

You'll have to buy Levon and Little Sammy's version...
the truest likeness to Mr. Lloyd Price's version,

buy levon music

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