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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gaz Recap #Fracking

Scheduling for Thursday,

yes that is close to lip syncing,
but girl needs a break now and again.

like winter storms seem to prefer a certain day of the week,
my Gaz round up posts seem to settle on Thursday.

This week, struggling against the tide,
You tube helped me out, suggesting tunes I would like so much
I scheduled them right in a row.
Just didn't work for music.

Here is the Gaz, fracking updates...
bear with me if anything changed between tuesday and today...
that is the speed of "natural" gaz...
From our friends to the southeast...

local news from vt digger:

from columbus, indiana:

Regarding Vermont Public Service Board...
recent rulings of note:

"Public" radio weighs in...w/thumb on is not "natural" gaz!

Link to wall street journal...yawning...
how many times does $35,000 go into 100 million?

From the Conservation law project...

Summer blazes at lightspeed...

That is all for now...

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