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Thursday, August 7, 2014

On the Wire and video by Philippe Petit

“Life is on the Wire, Everything else is just waiting.” Karl Wallenda

IMG_20140807_084323I Recently Started drawing More structured I get it, Sherry! Lately, circus pictures, people on the high wire, no net. Have more unfinished ones of jumping through hoops, my journey to get disability benefits.
Then This week some envelopes surfaced. Jesse gave them to me when he got back from a trip to n.y.c. circa 1975-ish. I was so thrilled at the time! Pleasantly surprised this week...remembering Jesse for a moment.

Then, today,
not so randomly,
the 40th anniversary of Philippe Petit walking a tightrope between the World Trade Center Towers, when there were towers. As I searched for who he is/was/will be, I found a video he did and was quite entertained. In between thunderstorms I racked up these images, put them into a post and hopefully will go up momentarily. Hope you enjoy...and think about walking the wire.                  


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