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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Nacht Musik and Hetty Bot

hetty is my hero, whether she is brandishing a pen or a sword, she is one tough spy lady <3 nbsp="">

Replaying one of my favorites....
for Dad.
July was a cold month in the north country,
coldest in my 30 plus years here
we actually had a fire in a desparate moment...

remembering mom, gone now 2 years
dad communicating in broken words,
facilitated by loyal sibs <3 p="">Dad, almost 92, told Paul
"don't fly too close to the sun"....
what a philosopher.
Now I see again what Mom saw in him.
how they vibed on those deep levels...
I read the story again of Icarus, whose father devised him wings sealed with wax.
As Icarus flew too high, the sun melted his wings and he dropped.

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  1. NCIS-LA my favorite show. Dad, a Marine in WW 2 downplayed his service. In the Pacific, he did what he was told, and got through. 2 of my heroes here...meg


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