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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tribute to a Great Cat

Great Cats,

Truly Great Cats,
are rare enough,
and plentiful enough,
that we have had a few.

Captain ...a Y2K cat

Girly was born in Y2k



A friend, Lisa, wanted a kitten.
We had so many that year that just materialized here.
With the help of Green Mountain Animal Defenders,
We were able to trap and neuter them.
Whitney and Captain were quasi-siblings.

I wanted to give Captain to Lisa.
He would have none of it. Usually mild, he stomped away.
That left Whitney,
7 toed wonderful sweet girl.
Lisa took her and had her until Lisa became ill.
We agreed to always take her back if Lisa needed us to.
The time had come.
Her name was changed to Meredian, after a song that Lisa was into...:)

When she moved back here, we changed her name to Girly Girl,
Called her also Missy, Miss Girly Girl, etc....

Always delightful,
Loving and distant.
Cuddly and defiant.
Dominant girl cat.

You don't always know the dominant cats.
Captain was dominant too. The male King.
He was furious at us for letting Whitney (his Queen) go away.
We thought nothing of it.
I was so surprised.

Girly/Missy even tweeted...

Girly has been sick lately. Looked like an infected tooth.
We love our office vets, but It is so hard to get animals to the vet office.
So I called our Mobile Vet. It was a great option for us, for the cats.
We really appreciate Dr. Ross and his team of assistants for making Girly comfortable,
explaining her problems,
and respecting her choice to be seen at home.
Kind of back to the future, really.
Check them out on FB

Girly went to heaven this morning.
The vet came and they examined her under anesthesia.
She had cancer above the bad tooth.
We were lucky she went this far.
The vet then talked to me again, We agreed to have her euthanized if it was cancer and not just a bad tooth, which had been the plan.
It was all as peaceful as could be.

As is the custom,
I opened a window.
Looked for crows...
Saw none, how odd...

Rest in Peace our Miss Whitney Meredien Girly Girl
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