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Friday, August 1, 2014

Breaking (Bad) #fracking

History will show that

all we had were words and photos and love of the land.

would that be enough to stop the frackers?
Break our dependence of fossil fuels (that would be dinosaur fossils...)

Had hoped for a break from the bad news about frackin', 
That Friday could be devoted to restful contemplation.
Then this grim reminder...

here is what wsj left out:
1. "Vermont" Gas is owned by a big Canadian energy company.
2. Vermont maple syrup must come from Vermont, be made in Vermont or the state will sue you.
3. $35,000 is chump change. Hmm...where will the $121 million come from to pay for ? (is advertant a the opposite of inadvertant?) dare I say, perhaps Intentional?? overrun?
121 million minus 35 thousand....
4. These Gaz people do not have the permits, the soil studies.
5. Weary of defending the lake. Defend it we must!
Keep pipelines out of the water, the wetlands, the dry lands, this land is someone's land.

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