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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sparring, #fracking and Nerve endings


Back and forth I go,
editorial arguments,
woven with social media,
like burrs,
snarling up,
the ties that bind kept entering my mind...

Addison Independent's reporter Zach has renewed my interests.
Commenters using what seems like alias personae are verbally sparring with me and the neighbor, about that pipeline Canadians want to slip in thru the neighbor's garden.

It hit a nerve again today
Property Rights
It screamed.

So I thought I would post one letter,
out of all the letters that I wrote
where I attempted to show the cold cruelty of the so called select board-5 elected people who make some decisions,
and sometimes go too far.
Impossible to fight,
I chose to bring to light what is possible in a sleepy town.
People can be cruel, mean, without even drawing a weapon.

Really an FYI, readers,
My nerves need a virtual poultice.
yes, I did all I could do to try to reform this corrupt sick system...

Hello Governor Shumlin,
On October 13, 2009, our 48 acre farm plus 10 acre swamp property was nearly sold by the Town of Monkton to satisfy about $6,000 for being late 9 months paying taxes.
This was the first year we qualified for property tax adjustment by income.
We had always paid taxes on time for 17 years. This property has been in Fred's family since the late 1800's.
We incurred shame, fees, penalties, costs including percentages of the tax to a lawyer and tax collector.
We were never offered abatement or other arrangements.
I never had any idea this happened until a month later when we paid the next year's tax: $5,000.
The day before the tax sale, Fred paid them from an account we established in case I cannot work.
I have MS. Fred was out of work and had been a self employed electrician.
I have been struggling to get resolution. I applied for abatement but could not face certain people in town.
I argued because of many factors. These are on my blog.
I lost.
I still want to see what they did to notify us they were selling our property and why after only 9 months late.
The selectboard is not cooperating in seeing this. I cannot afford an atty. I am sorry the bill died in the committee to look at penalties like the $500 we had to pay the tax collector (8%). The town cannot even tell me what they did to inform me or my husband. I have asked for over 1 year.
The selectboard does what they want and they stand behind this practice. God help the next people
who are 9 months late paying taxes. Nobody else cares.
Thanks for listening. I think you are doing a good job.
Please look at property taxes, they are robbing from my family of bread.
and off topic, Please let Yankee stay open with conditions. Talk with Meredith Angwin. Please do not emotion rule your decisions on this. Rely on science.
Mary E. Gerdt

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