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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Media, the message, and Bias? Say it isn't so....#fracking

So I really wanted to keep Les Paul's history video at the top of the page.
Was going to not open gaz emails today, having sparred on addison independent editorial page during commercials while watching ncis...and ncis-la last night...
But when I saw the pristine NY times putting pro natural gas links on their pages,
well, they are hitting a nerve.

No doubt you already know about this, but I didn’t....
One of those little VGS ads showed up on the page when I was reading the NY Times online. This time I clicked on the “Support the Addison Rutland Natural Gas Project” link in the ad, to see what it led to. I found this online form letter to the Public Service Board, with the request that people “pledge” their “support” by signing the letter to the PSB with their name and town.
XXXXXXXXXXXX  Notice--->>Link Censored....this is My site and I oppose  proposed Gaz pipeline in Vermont....stick it in NY, NYTimes......meg

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