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Friday, August 29, 2014

#fracking update breaking bad stuff

I refuse to interrupt friday nacht musik,
preferring to allow a 
virtual musical cleansing

but seeing more
each day
of other bad stuff,
like someone saying 
"look over there"
Whilst they pick your pocket

a person, presumed female, with a cartoon face,
who goes by name miss nomer, which/who I inferred
may be using, well, a mis-nomer...other name/alias
she, presumably female,
has been down on me in the comments on the

I did not comment.
I held back the reins and begged other anti fracking peeps
to comment 

is that censorship?
in it's lightest form on the spectrum?

So today,
my great neighbor posted a link to perk me up,

Reaffirm our position...

From the Rutland Herald comments...
thanks bob!

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