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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Music Link....Forget about Tax day...Goin to California....Jason Bonham interview...

Jason Bonham....

A familiar tune,
Close your eyes,
Crank it up,
go back in time.
Years melt away,
I took a bus to California,
with about enough money for bus fare,
$68 I believe.
one way. I was meeting friends out there
and we were driving back.
(That's the summer I lived in Des Plaines, Il
with Kadi and her family.
I worked at the record warehouse (vinyl...).
1977, I had flunked out of engineering school
where we cranked Led Zeppelin on speakers we handed up from the 12th floor to the roof.

In a momentary dispair, I decided I would visit my sister,
see what California was about.
I went with another friend who went total California on me.
She had to have flowers in her hair as we crossed over at Lake Tahoe.
She shed her shoes and was wearing some gauzy blouse...
She kept singing this song.
Today as I heard it,
understanding the lyrics better,
I just knew it would be perfect for Tuesday.


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