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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Travel warnings Vermont

Flooding in Vermont...

I saw a few photos and thought I would post the 
Website gor Vermont weather

Be careful traveling anywhere up in the North Country.
The snow pack is melting,
Warm temperatures
Ground still frozen
A boatload of rain today
The ice in Lake Champlain dropped.
Don't drive over questionable roads!
Be careful!

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  1. 4.16.14. Last night we were going to take the red car and drop it off to get the snow tires taken off. Fred's car was stuck in the sucking mud created by frost thaw+rain+refreeze+gravity. He got AAA to pull it out. This morning we were going to try again. First we scraped ice and heavy wet snow off the cars. Brrr it was cold after 70 f yesterday. His car, stuck in the driveway, finally found the front wheel had frozen. The neighbor kid helping us out. It was a sign I guess. After a thick layer of heavy snow over ice, well the tires will have to wait. Back to bed. meg


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