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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Magical Middlebury

middlebury is a magical place,

full of energies,
River, Commerce, Commodities,
Travel hub for the Western side of Vermont,
home of middlebury college.
i got to work in the town for a few years,
you feel the granite, slate, the bricks, 
you smell the money.
The money smells clean, fresh,
smart people,
successful people,
wealthy people go to school here.
Ski, hockey, the Arts.
So it was shocking to me that the college would be so pro-Canadian gas pipeline.
You know, the one I rant about the land agents threatened elders and poor farmers
to gut/ no, to Gore their property for public good.
because the college is home to so many gifted students...the top of the top,
you know that leads many to a life of illumination,
free reign, no brakes, full on satire...
The kind I loved in the 1970's with the Harvard Lampoon.
Those days were over,
or were they?
After our fracking fighting weary copatriots got and email this morning,
WTF was being heard shouted through the valley.
one after another logged on to dial up or satellite or some other way,
and opened this...

by Magical Middlebury College studentia...
Ah, to be young again.
<3 nbsp="">

As I tried to post the
Wtf article
Was it a spoof?
Well, adobe didn't make it easy
And Maybe they don't want me posting the best bit of humor
I have read in awhile.
I tried to find a link at their plaid & felt website.
And failed.

So trust me, it's funny.
I feel compelled to at least say something.

Still laughing

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