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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Local Radio. #Fracking calls?

Hard to compete with shows like WDEV has...
in the category of
Vermont local Radio,
Mark's show is one of my favorites.
He certainly has a liberal mindset and proudly declares his viewpoints.
Likewise, he is tough and complementary with his Comrades and opposing thinkers alike.

The gaz group posted an opportunity to call into the Gov, who has been a big gaz pipeline supporter.

Please be respectful if you choose to call...
likewise if you want to listen, look for WDEV, Waterbury...should be able tp stream it.

Spread the word. You have another chance to let him know in case he forgot. You should make an informed statement before you ask your question. Try to word your questions well.

Friday April 25 10:10 AM Eastern Daylight saving time The Mark Johnson Show WDEV Radio 550 AM Waterbury
96.1 FM Warren

Call in: 877-291-8255 or send comments/questions


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