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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Neurological Healing

Neurological Healing

Is possible,
Or at least a beginning,
A human adaptation,
Thanks to spinal cord, neurological research,
We humans are beginning to understand more each day.

Thanks to Christopher &  Dana Reeve
For daring to suggest

I worked on a neuro floor at the hospital.
We saw all kinds of injuries, insults, diseases, trauma 
Genetic, toxic, bacterial, viral, unknown, 
Sometimes having no disease but symptoms and very convincingly,
Confusing the doctors.

We always held out hope,
That things would be better,
Like Star Trek...
Stroke? MS? Brain injury?
Wave the healing wand.

Instead we often were holding the hands of patients & family.
Often sad, sometimes lonely, sometimes broken people.

For myself and those who fight Multiple Sclerosis,
We welcome neuro healing,
We embrace the Reeves and brave hard working researchers,

The news this week of men who were paralyzed,
Pioneers in research,
 fostering our hope
For neuro healing.

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