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Saturday, April 12, 2014


Futile Necessity

Fighting the pipeline,
Feels like
A futile necessity.

Meaning an effort, 
No Matter how much effort you expend,
You cannot truly affect.

Meaning a belief I have,
Which if the belief was
The other way around,
I couldn't live with myself.

So early on,
I watched
My mother's face,
Typing letters,
Lots of letters,
On a typewriter,
She typed So fast,
And never messed up.

She saved the Osprey with her
Futile necessity,
She fed a young African girl,
She fed us.

I see the world a lot like
She saw through her eyes
Or so I believe.

I still cannot believe people saying
Pipeline, pipeline...
Gotta have it...

No thought or a care in the world.
That smells.
Now futile or not,
This post must go up.

Also adding a video I did of the bridge at Crown Point.
The ferry was nice 2 take pictures from.

There was 3 feet of ice covering the lake this winter.
What if their imaginary pipeline was under all that?

Now what if Canadian gaz gets to run a pipeline
Under the lake?
They will keep going to NYC, that's what,
And they'll add power shuttles.

Bad idea all around.
Feeling my futility today. Meg

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  1. Been so down physically lately that Fred goes himself across the Crown Point Bridge to the Super wal mart in Ti. The prices, people and products all superior. Nomads for cheap food, good food. He came back home Saturday with news that he saw bald eagles on the nest. They look like turkeys with a white head. They are big. They love to eat birds like ducks. A duck needs a long way on water to be able to take off. The ice hampers their flying skills and they are, in essence, sitting ducks. It was fun to see I posted about Mom's protesting DDT and the same day Fred came home with beaming eyes. I know that look. The first time I saw a bald eagle that was not in a zoo, I was blown away. meg


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