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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rabbits & Robins & Waiting for Spring

Fred saw 3 rabbits up in the garden space,

They were scrounging and running around...good size.
We have seen a lot of Robins, Big big Robins,
Starlings already building, building,
Blackbirds of all kinds poking into the muddy hill
For worms that lived to be eaten.

I love hearing the birds in the spring,
Why not post a video I did for Mom of songbirds,
Specifically that hopeful spring tone, full of liquid sounds.
The Sea part of the video is for Levon who missed the concert
That we missed, hanging out and telling anyone who would listen that
We had been to Levon's barn/house/studio
And clearly Levon was the most disappointed person there that night.

Still waiting for true spring...
I call this movie,
Take a time out.

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