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Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Night Musik

For Friday....Bow Thayer et al...

buy this album!

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  1. We bonded with Bow kind of indirectly, like 2 or 3 degress of separation.We got tickets to Levon Helm in Woodstock, Vermont at Suicide Six Ski Resort. I had put the widget for Levon's schedule in my blog sidebar. Bow & the Perfect Trainwreck did back up. We got some great photos and I posted the story if you search my blog you'll find it. We sat next to a friend of Dan, the Great drummer pounding Levon's red drum set...Dang dude! Bow was very cool and Love, Loved Levon, as did Dan, and us, and everybody there. Levon had a coughing spell. I thought he was done for. I also knew how rugged those little guys are, raised as farmers, hard working ounders, no brakes. I love Levon. And he led me to Bow...Buy Bow's music. The day after Suicide Six, we had a devastating flood. So did Levon's neighborhood. I think that bitch storm Irene just took the sap out of us. Bow suffered in his town where floods are common and big ones turn homes into islands. That was several years ago. Levon is gone now, Bow put out a new album produced by Justin Guip, Levon's producer. Best wishes. Rock on. meg


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