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Monday, January 20, 2014


Again on my mind
Or is it all just in my mind?
This concept of Time,
The linear kind like they told us:
Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow.

The Akashic record, the book of days,
Is not like a book,
With binding,
A beginning, middle, end.
Identification, description of characters, the cast,
Conflict, interaction, attraction, repulsion, neutrality, boredom.
Emotions, banter, conversation, embrace,
Letting go,  greeting new, always changing.
Conclusion, happy or sad or a cliffhanger...
How could it be written? 

So instead of a book, perhaps,
It is like a crytalline soup, 
Waiting for a string to form upon,
Starting with a strand and building, growing,
Turning into a proper crystal,
Shining, bright, with multiple facets,
Full of fire,
The colors come out like a prism bends light
Into a Rainbow.

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