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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Night Music

a selection inspired by Cafe Society,
that ground breaking nightclub in NYC,
integrating blacks and whites in the freshness of music,
the cleansing of piano, voice and lyrics
to express ideas.
At the time,
quite controversial.
A friend told me about her Uncle Barney who started a nightclub,
It was called Cafe society.
I found a few links and am far from done with exploring this wonderful night club
that helped found the birth of Greenwich Village,
freedom of speech in the air with poetry,
music, and artwork everywhere.

Café Society

For a link to history:

About Hazel Scott…

Now, a link to Billie Holiday, who opened Cafe Society as an unknown singer...

and I cannot help but post the YT version I found of Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa performing this from their new album, Seesaw which is nominated for a Grammy.
It was a way of showing you how the music comes around, affects all of us,
and is a way to tell our story, our struggles,
a way to make it right.
Happy Friday.

One live yt link and their official

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