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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black Cats

Black Cats,
Captain and Sean,
Both have left the material plane.
Captain left in 2012, the week my Mom died,
and Sean faded away in 2013.
They were with us many years
they were very different.
Captain, on the left was a very dominant Tom. He rarely showed it but  I had seen him rear up on occasion and flex his muscles. Captain was one of the Y2k cats. There was a feral population burst that caused us to trap and have 20 feral cats/kittens fixed and adopted. Captain did not want to be adopted. Sean was 2 years older. He was a feral loner kitten that one day decided he had enough.
He walked right into the house. We welcomed him. His loyalty was unmatched.
He was my power animal.
So if you are into cats, you are probably still reading.
If you are not, you have lost touch of that special bond that Egyptians knew.
They can see into your soul,
and give you great joy.
(& the requisite annoyance, hairballs, losing them too soon).

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