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Thursday, January 2, 2014

This just in...

Just in,

Breaking news,

Farmers are against Fracking,

Holy Cow! 
I just got these letter on my listserv, wanted to share while fresh.
These are proud farmers against Fracking...
While we are limiting phosphorus, chemicals, saving our precious water supply,
While these people are growing our food,
They see the devastation anticipated by the fracking pipeline proposed by Canadian owned Vermont Gaz.
Can we stop this thing?
Can we come to our senses?
New York state said no,
and Vermont says yes?
Who is getting paid off for this? we are running out of time.

The following is reprinted from stop gas pipeline group,
yes we are poor but proud.

Farmers on the front lines of climate change
Stand against fracked gas pipeline
RANDOLPH - On Tuesday, Dec. 17, as people from all over the state came together at the Vermont Working Landscape Summit, famers at the center of Vermont's future took a strong stand against the proposed fracked gas pipeline in Addison County.
"If Governor Shumlin wants to know how to strengthen our state and our land-based economy, he should listen to the people who are devoted to our land. We farmers are on the front lines, and this pipeline is the wrong choice for our land and our economy," said Jim Ellefson of Stoney Lonesome Farm in Leicester.
Ellefson and almost 50 farmers from across the state signed an open letter calling on Governor Shumlin to protect Vermont and on the Public Service Board to deny a Certificate of Public Good for the 70-mile pipeline extension from Colchester to Middlebury and under Lake Champlain to International Paper in Ticonderoga, NY.
As the Farmers' letter reads, "We are farmers, land owners and stewards of the earth. We are the people that help keep Vermont open and green. We support energy savings through renewable, alternative sources, winterization and conservation. We do not support taking Vermonters' land to build an infrastructure for another fossil fuel."
Farmers are concerned that continuing to rely on fossil fuels is an irresponsible choice. Massive new fracked gas infrastructure is unnecessary because of the clean, local and efficient technologies already available today.
Even as Vermont Gas Systems officials downplay the dangers of fracking, the facts continue to mount. 82,000 fracking wells have been drilled in the U.S. since 2005. Those wells have required the use of 280 billion gallons of water and at least 2 billion gallons of chemicals. They have resulted in the release of at least 100 million metric tons of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas pollution.
These farmers stand with many others across the state opposed to the fracked gas pipeline, from the over 500 people in attendance at the September public hearing to the almost 1,000 opposing comments into the PSB, statewide opposition to this project continues to mount.
As Cornwall farmer Mary Martin says, "This toxic trespass makes no sense. We should be making decisions that are ecologically sensible for all, not financially feasible for a few. Shumlin knows better, and we deserve better."

Open letter to the Public Service Board and Governor Shumlin:
We are farmers, land owners and stewards of the earth. We are the people that help keep Vermont open and green. We support energy savings through renewable, alternative sources, winterization and conservation.
We do not support taking land by eminent domain to build an infrastructure for another fossil fuel. A fuel that VT Gas extracts by fracking. The fracking process, of one gas well, typically uses 4 million gallons of water laced with 80 to 330 tons of chemicals, many known to be toxic and carcinogenic.
In Governor Shumlin's own words:
"Very soon there is going to be a shortage of clean water on this planet. Drinking water will be more valuable than oil or natural gas. Human beings have survived for thousands of years without oil or gas. We have never known humanity or life on this planet to survive without clean water."
We cannot stand by and allow a Canadian company that has poisoned their own people and water supplies in Alberta destroy our state for their profit.
The environmental benefits are questionable. When examined from "cradle to grave", fracked gas has been proven to be as polluting as burning coal.* 70% of the gas is ear-marked for International Paper. They have never been a good neighbor to us and they are one of the worst polluters in the world.
We are fiercely and adamantly opposed to the use of eminent domain. We also will not remain silent and watch a foreign company take our or our neighbors' land by eminent domain to serve a NY State business.
For all Vermonters and future generations we ask the Public Service Board to deny Vermont Gas Systems a Certificate of Public Good.
We are the Representatives of the land that we work and love.
Daniel Rowe
RoweCrest Farm, Cornwall
Randy & Mary Martin
Candido's Farm, Cornwall
Jeremy & Caitlin Gildrien
Gildrien Farm, Middlebury
Nate & Jane Palmer
Laughing Tree Farm, Monkton
Rustan Swensen & Mazie Hescock
Hescock Farm, Shoreham
Ross Conrad & Alice Eckles
Dancing Bee, Middlebury
George Gross & Barbara Wilson
Solar Haven Farm, Shoreham
Alden Harwood
Harwood Farm, Addison
Paul & Doris Seiler
Old Wooster Farm, Shoreham
Lorenzo & Amy Quesnel
Perry Brook Farm, Shoreham
David & Eunice Van Vleck
Barney & Dee Hodges
Sunrise Orchard, Cornwall
Pete Johnson
Pete's Greens, Craftsbury
Thomas Case
Arethusa Collective Farm, Burlington
Jim & Brian & Florence Gill
Matt Davis
Little Hogback Farm, Monkton, Bristol
Wayne Stearns
Crazy Acres, Panton
Robert & Polly Maguire
Brian & Patti Wilson
Morningside Farm, Shoreham
Raphael Worrick
Jon Norinsberg
Karen & Jon Folger
Pinewoods Farm, West Pawlet
Spencer Blackwell
Elmer Farm, Middlebury
John P Falk
Neshobe Farm, Brandon
Amy & Dave Todisco
Hartshorn Farm, Waitsfield
Stan & Mary Pratt
Happy Valley Orchard, Middlebury
R.W. & Cy Tall
Doug & Tammy Atwood
Atwood Orchards, Shoreham
Eric & Mary Skovsted
Joe's Brook Farm, Barnet
Henry & Tata Harper
Julius Kingdom Farm, Shoreham
Suzy Hodgson
Your Farm Stand, Charlotte
Rebecca Foster
Ten Stones Chicken Cooperative, Charlotte
Matt Burke & Tanya Srolovitz
Bloomfield Farm, Charlotte
Deirdre Holmes MA,HHC
Plan it Healthier, Charlotte
Annie Claghorn & Caitlin Fox
Taconic End Farm, Leicester
Brian Titus & Fran Recchia
Woods Edge Farm, Greensboro
Doug Butler
CHD Farm, New Haven
Alyson Eastman
Home Farm, Orwell
Mary Rowe
Rowe Farm, Cornwall
Lissy and Bill Heminway
Heminway Farm, Shoreham
Elaine Ittleman
Green Mountain Hounds, Charlotte
Anne DeHaven
Oak Meadow Farm, Shoreham
Jim Ellefson & Leslie Wright
Stoney Lonesome Farm, Leicester
James Maroney & Suki Fredericks
Erik Andrus
Boundbrook Farm, Vergennes


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