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Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Nacht Musik

From Texas,
The amazing
Carolyn Wonderland.

We saw her at Levon's Midnight Ramble a few times.
This is one of my favorites.

First Friday 2014

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  1. We saw Carolyn Wonderland at Levon's first in November 2009. It was the most incredible show. I wrote up the shows under Levon Helm Midnight Ramble category. I posted some of CW before and hers are tagged too. This girl plays so well you keep looking around for the second guitarist! Sat next to a friend of hers in May 2010? at the Ramble. Got to shake Guy Forsyth's hand, I am such a groupie :) It gives me something to remember when I get too old. Was so happy she found Mr. Brown. Such cool people. Then this morning I was surfing FB and CW posted her summary of 2013. We missed seeing her in Stowe which was lame of us but we really don't go too far unless we can afford a hotel. This was not that year. Still was glad the hills were alive at the Trapp lodge in VT with the rock and roll-blues-songwriter, multitalented, fundraising, peaceful girl, CW. Happy New Year!


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