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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Psalm Challenge 139

Today's post came down to the wire. 

Our power went down from 11am til almost 4 pm.
No heat, no lights, not a single luxury.
Reminding me of such a small inconvenience compared to what
The Professor endured in real life. Decorated war hero, broke both his legs
Landing on a tropical island.
Did his role, as entertainer to millions of baby boomers, somehow soften his 
memories of war's hell? Did he help create humor for us kids, so we would have a pleasant memory to look back on, insteas of depression, death, fascism, pain, forced service as a soldier, loss of friends to senseless wars.
I did some drawings and snuggled with cats & fleece.
When the power came back on I was grateful we were warm again, and I could post
Number 139.
I copied and pasted from Bible Gateway that has every conceivable translation.
They are a wealth of knowledge. So this time I left the links in.
This is a Great psalm...all about letting the big guy take care of things.

when i read these am reminded of lines from the movie "Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean"
Starring Paul Newman...he takes snippets of Psalms...slightly altered... for his eulogies....

Psalm 139 (Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition)

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Psalm 139
Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)
139 Unto the end, a psalm for David.
Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man: rescue me from the unjust man.
Who have devised iniquities in their hearts: all the day long they designed battles.
They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent: the venom of saps is under their lips.
Keep me, O Lord, from the hand of the wicked: and from unjust men deliver me. Who have proposed to supplant my steps.
The proud have hidden a net for me. And they have stretched out cords for a snare: they have laid for me a stumblingblock by the wayside.
I said to the Lord: Thou art my God: hear, O Lord, the voice of my supplication.
O Lord, Lord, the strength of my salvation: thou hast overshadowed my head in the day of battle.
Give me not up, O Lord, from my desire to the wicked: they have plotted against me; do not thou forsake me, lest they should triumph.
10 The head of them compassing me about: the labour of their lips shall overwhelm them.
11 Burning coals shall fall upon them; thou wilt cast them down into the fire: in miseries they shall not be able to stand.
12 A man full of tongue shall not be established in the earth: evil shall catch the unjust man unto destruction.
13 I know that the Lord will do justice to the needy, and will revenge the poor.
14 But as for the just, they shall give glory to thy name: and the upright shall dwell with thy countenance.
by Public Domain

P.s. kept trying to add a photo and finally gave up
Some fights are best abandoned.

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