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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve 2012

and the snow makes everything brighter and fresh.

The Last day of 2012

finds us in the US on the edge of a fiscal cliff
on the edge of our ability to comprehend how us as individuals can ever hope to make it better.
Hoping is a place to start and recommended however, do not take it personally
if it all goes to H*ll in a hand basket.
Guess that is a consolation.
If you are not responsible, it is not your fault.

Meanwhile Fred has renamed Girly Girl, "Antithesis".
All she will say, is "NOOO" in her whiny cat voice.
She is so like Tommy, her brother or cousin, we are not quite sure.

I did not have the energy to get out and snap photos.
Shoveled for awhile, then rested.
The storm did produce considerable snow.
Looked a bit like these archival photos.
Happy New Year's Eve.


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