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Friday, December 28, 2012

Recap 2012

Recap 2012

We lost so many.

Mom, Levon, The Captain, other friends, our cat Gigi just died 12.23.12.
It seemed Mom brought Captain and Captain called up Gigi (she was his #1 cat girlfriend).

The world did not come to an end

and I told you there is no end and no beginning anyway.

I still am loyal to my preferred blogger list

With so many to choose from, just stroll through my blog list for friends around the world who will keep you in the know and challenge your senses.

Yes Dad, we are still working

He turned 90 and has been retired 30 years. He tells me he should have kept working.
So he wants to make sure I keep working
and he can't see me and will always worry that I am falling apart
and yes, that is as sweet as chocolate.
He hates ms as much as i do.
He was a marine and after watching ncis+ncis-la, i feel i understand his grit a bit better.

The garden was pretty good

Wish there was more time in the day, more energy, less disease, bugs, weeds
and H20 supply-demand mismatch.
Wish the blight had never shown it's ugly face here.
Last year was an extraordinarily warm, mild snowless winter in Vermont.
Hope the cold snap we just had killed some of the bugs.

The Election

was over publicized, over politicized, under relevant to my betterment. My weak attempts at questioning local political entities have become an energy suck, bad for MS. Will I stop typing?
You will have to pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands.

My Favorite blog post 2012

Ageism and the Empty Chair.

My latest Blog challenges

Have tried to post daily, keep content mildly fresh, demand that it please myself first and also not to wait until I feel it is perfect and polished. I take inspiration from all those bloggers who I follow.

Entering weekly Psalm Challenge hosted by Daily Athens.

The continuing adventures of Alice Karma in Interview with a Clone, serial blog novel.

Next concert on my list

Midnight ramble once the spring comes

Most surprising thing I did this year

Like my Mother, I started painting. She started oil painting after her mother died. The images that came to me may have been from past lives or just my free imagination. When I mapped a timeline of our family and key events, I could better see my parents as people, pretty amazing people who held it together. I got a more 3 dimensional view of my grandparents I scantly recall.

Hope for 2013:

peace,prosperity,happiness for all.



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