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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Psalm Challenge 85

Psalm Challenge 85

Christmas is coming,
Daylight growing,
Gifts are flowing,
The tree is up.

The Sun above us, 
a good provider,
shines his gifts of
warmth and power.

In the Heavens, all around us,
lies the home of all the Justice.
We Pray for Peace.
We ask for Mercy,
We want Salvation,
to rise up through our feet from the earthen ground.

Rainy days, brings flowers, food,
We take time out to nap.
Later gather the bounty in our garden,
We know no money could ever buy.

We ache for our country,
Sometimes afflicted
with the opposite of
truth and peace.

We pray salvation,
comes on swiftly,
slaying the greedy, evil and arrogant beasts.

how else would peace be possible except by the death of evil?
Can we pray for such a death sentence to evil?

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind effort and this participation.

    Your last question will certainly remain in my mind for a long time. Thank you.

    Please have a good Sunday ahead.

  2. It is far from merry in New England this Christmas season. But I hope you can embrace all the blessings and promise of Christmas. Thanks for these strong words and questions.

  3. Your words frame the questions so well. Yes, how else?


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