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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Psalm Challenge 84

Psalm Challenge 84

The swallows found a home here,
in our back shed,
we never had the heart to shut them out,
when they come back after flying
thousands of miles to their temple of life,
their nests where they have 2-3 consecutive nests full of babies,
they chirp their relief and gratitude, their faith tested.

They are grateful for the bugs that
annoy us and get in our eyes and bite us.
We are grateful they eat as many bugs as they do.
We wonder if, after we are gone, will someone bulldoze the old shed,
failing to see the significance of swallows?

I saw the sunrise
I am in awe.
Our total, our being, our bodily temple, all comes
From the Sun.

It rained, My faith tested,
again and again,
failing, rejected, dejected, dismayed, disowned, disoriented.
Adrift, a rolling stone.

In the end, there is a rainbow,
a reward for our faith.
Like trusting swallows, we hope we find
our home and will be here with our Father Sun,
until the end
if there ever is

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind, an in my opinion very fitting image/text.
    Like the last two paragraphs much. Thank you for your effort and participation. Please have you all a good Sunday ahead.

  2. Wonderful writing, again. I enjoy your fresh look at the psalms and your reinterpretations. This one reminds me of the last verse of Psalm 119: I wander like a lost sheep; seek Your servant for I do not forget Your commands . . .


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